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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Epic Problem

For those that read......I am not sure how many of you readers know this or not. I am a huge Blitz fan. Been since the moment I bought All Out Attack back in the early 80's. I have the skull painting that is on their Voice Of A Generation lp on my arm...yes I love Blitz. This brings me to this new band called Epic Problem. Who is Epic Problem? Well they are from the Manchester area, so that might give you a hint....Noticed that I mentioned Blitz? That should give you a hint too. Epic Problem is Mackie from Blitz' new band. Mackie played bass in Blitz, but in Epic Probem, he is playing guitar. They don't sound much like Blitz but that is ok with me....Why? Because they have this Leatherface thing going and to my ears, that is a ok too as I am a huge Leatherface fan. Epic Problem put their twist on modern day punk and do it very well. They have a 7" out and a 10" that is just about to come out. Here are the links, go to those links, and dig this band as they are really, really good.

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