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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bishops Green Self Titled 6 Song Ep

Where in the heck did this come from. Wow! The first moment I heard this was like having the room spin around like a drunk with no ability to comprehend. Top notch stuff here. Instantly memorable and catchy as hell. Literally this has not left my turntable all day. Love it! Never heard of them? Neither had I, but let me tell you, all of the guys come from other bands, most notably the bassist Brian McCallum who did time in SNFU and Death Sentence. But I gotta tell you, those bands have nothing in common with Bishops Green. I hear tons of Cocksparrer here with some later day Partisans, and The Business. Not many band can pull it off what Cocksparrer do,due to lack of understanding rock n roll and melody. Well these guys do. Everything is so well played, and melodic. Instant sing along is what we have here. I look forward to more of their stuff. I am a huge fan in one day. Love it!!!!!!! Buy this you will not be disapointed one bit!


  1. The singer was in Alternate Action, the Lancasters, Subway Thugs, and a few other bands. I believe they are from the Vancouver region. If you like this you need to check out the other bands I listed.

    These guys are playing the 2000 Tons of TNT fest in Hartford over Labor Day weekend with Booze and Glory and some other good bands.

  2. Thanks for the tip Kenny!

    I was a bit bummed when the Lancasters split and had I never got to see them, but these guys are fantastic! "Senseless Crime" and "The Crow" are my fave tracks.

  3. These guys are great. Check out the singers other bands - Alternate Action, Lancasters, Subway Thugs.

  4. Also, check out one of my blogs. I plan on posting more.

  5. actually got the Alternate Action cd and it is awesome too. Sorry for the late delay. My email notification is going to another email address and I cannot change it for some reason