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Friday, May 17, 2013

The Vibrators-On The Guest List

Track listing: View From My Cadillac featuring Walter Lure (The Heartbreakers) 2nd Skin featuring Chris Spedding Automatic Lover featuring Ty Segal Every Dog featuring Brian James (The Damned) Prisoner In The Mirror featuring Wayne Kramer (MC5) Turn Up The Heat featuring Tomomi Nabana (Detroit Seven) Rain To Town featuring Hugh Cornwell (The Stranglers) Baby Baby featuring Campino (Die Toten Hosen) Birdland Is Closed featuring Ross The Boss (The Dictators) One More featuring Tony Lovato (Mest) My Stalker featuring Eddie Spaghetti & Dan “Thunder” Bolton (Supersuckers) Rock 'n' Roll Clown featuring Bill Davis (Dash Rip Rock) The Ohio featuring Nicky Garratt (UK Subs) Whips And Furs featuring Leonard Graves Phillips & Stan Lee (The Dickies) Long Beach Police featuring James Donovan & Lome Behrman (The Dead Tricks) Voodoo Eye featuring Mickey Finn (Cold Blue Rebels) With quests like this, how could this not be incredible! IT is!!!! This is their best album since Guilty. Sure, Buzzin' and Energize were both fantastic albums. Yes the cover albums, especially Garage Punk were fun. But nothing can compare to this. This just oozes with energy and your classic Vibrators sound. Love it!! I have been a fan since I bought Guilty as an 18 year old kid exploring all the punk rock I could find. After that, I went out and got Pure Mania and V2, and the rest is history. Been a fan ever since. The 80's were ok to The Vibrators as they churned out album after album of pop rock that had some punk overtones...somewhat like what Chelsea did during the mid 80's. What you get today though, is a different animal. This group has awakened from their slumber and have made an album that is so crisp, new and in your face, that this ranks with their best stuff. My only issue is, do we need another version of Baby Baby and Whips and Furs? Love those two songs, but really? Aside from the nitpick, this is top notch stuff. GET IT!!!!!

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