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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Generation X- Perfect Hits Bootleg and Perfect Hits Vol. 2....Does anyone have these???

I would just love to hear these two bootlegs. Does anyone have these two??? I have also read that Generation X may, just may reform for a tour...thoughts?????



    for the perfect hits

    would be first in the que for a ticket if they reformed

  2. Thanks for the reply Martin, but I am looking for the bootleg Perfect Hits that was Gen X's first recordings. The two boots were released in I think 77 or 78. I am hearing that all band members are up for the reunion...kinda coincides with Idol's book coming out, and yes, I would be right next to you getting my ticket.

  3. 1977 Perfect

  4. Thanks Lewdd, I am downloading it right now. Cheers!!