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Friday, January 22, 2010

Gimme Something Better

Well finally someone has written a book about the SF Bay Area Hardcore Punk Scene. Done in a style like Please Kill Me or We Got The Neutron Bomb this book is a nice little walk down memory lane. I am just beginning to read it and love it!!!! Many photos and great stories from those that were too young, too stupid, too fucked up and or just livin the moment. From The Mab to On Broadway, Tool and Die, Elite Club, Ruthies Inn to 924 Gilman and MRR. You get a nice little history lesson from those that lived the punk life in and around San Francisco during 1980 or so until 1989. I was one of those stupid suburban kids living in San Jose that went to shows but did not live the life that these kids did. Does that make me less important. Hell no.


  1. Ohhh interesting stuff. I'll be grabbing me a copy!

  2. it is a good read. Amazon has it on the cheap used

  3. picked this up after seeing it here. pretty good read so far. It's really getting into it, but in a way perfect for my short attention span