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Saturday, January 2, 2010

X-New Single!! Yep Believe It!!!!!

What is wrong with me???? Has my feaver finally broke??? Out of sheer boredom I look over to see what is available in iTunes for X. Oh don't snigger dear reader.... I own every album they have done, thank you! Yep even their last one with Country At War (which is actually quite good) as well as their Unclogged acoustic live album. But what is this I see?????? A new X single?????? What!!!!! Well I look at it and preview it and it has a lady singing the first song Santa Claus Is Coming To Town. I think to myself, I must be sick or my ears are clogged because the woman singing really does not sound too much like Exene. Then I hear the guitar licks and I go ooohhhhh Billy Zoom. I look at the folks responsible just to make sure that it is a bonafide X release, and it is. Exene, John Doe, Billy Zoom, and DJ Bonebrake go into the studio to record two Christmas ditties for us. Mind you, I am not big on Christmas songs unless it is being done by The Yobs, but hey this is X, and anything by them is better than a stick in the eye damnit. Santa Claus Is Coming To Town starts off with the intro to Johnny Hit and Run Pauline and then breaks into the best singing I have ever heard by Exene. She is singing in tune damnit!!! I want my money back! Just kidding. She sounds awesome! Of course you get the wayward harmonies of John Doe and Exene throughout, and it sounds sublime!!! And of course you get some great Billy Zoom riffage too. You know, you can never get enough of his of his playing. Ramones meets Chuck Berry!!! Jingle Bells has John Doe taking the lead and it is equally as good too. And of course you will be treated to some more Billy Zoom lead work. The only bummer about this, is that, it is only available on iTunes and Emusic right now. $1.99 for two newish (well you know) X songs????
THAT IS A BARGAIN!!! Now will they record a new album please!!!!


  1. Exene sounds so good because these recordings were arranged, engineered, and produced by Billy Zoom.
    BTW, it's the intro to LosAngeles...not Johnny Hit and Run.
    I'm glad you like the new cuts.

  2. and Billy I stand corrected on the intro! ooopppss. Been listening to that record since 1980 and I should know better. Thanks for taking the time to make a reply. Please come back and play Santa Cruz soon...oh and um, a new album would make 2010 the greatest year ever!!

  3. Good call Kenny, I'm off to buy my copy now.

    I'm with you in owning all their back catalogue. From buying my copy of Adult Books to date I've been hooked. Love the band, one of Americas national treasures.

    I think Hey Zeus is a killer record btw, it and the rest of their albums are on my laptop at work and they really help me get through the shitty days I have at times.

    I have to echo the comment to Billy...please go and record a new album and then come tour England.