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Monday, April 19, 2010

Now For My Political Rant!

I have noticed alot of political extremism in my country lately. Alot of hate and alot of intolerance by others.. Let me explain. I am a liberal that I am a borderline socialist. I believe in live and let live...I believe in hearing someone out and making intelligent comments and having HEALTHY discourse. I graduated with a Poli Sci degree and I understand history and politics, and realize that during times like these...the crazy people come out and man have they. I am nearly a socialist but also believe in free market to a degree (that folks, is a moderate) and for me I straddle it at times. On the day of the Oklahoma City Disaster anniversary, I am looking back and shaking my head. You see, in 1998 my band was on tour with Peter and The Test Tube Babies and one of our tour stops was Oklahoma City. When we drove into Oklahoma City I wanted to see where the building was blown up. We did see it....As we passed, the van fell silent. We all knew the story behind the vacant lot...It was blown up. The next year we passed through with our band on our first solo US tour...again we passed by and a memorial had been erected. Again silence....Silence because of sorrow for those that lost their lives.....Fast forward to 2010 and now we have a rise in "patriot groups" and the Tea Party. Our Govt. has propped up the banking system due to Bush's BS deregulation and we have a health care system that will have the government helping flip the bill. What we have had is death threats, African Americans in Congress being spat on and being called N******!! What The Fuck is that. We also have malitia's sprouting up again...What are they going to do....fight the US Army???? Crazy folks. .......Hey lets start a militia and all ten of us will start a revolution....sure.....Unfortunately each day it seems that there are more sprouting up to defend "us" against the Federal Government. I love the folks from The Tea Party...what a bunch of wacks. One comment that I heard on tv was a women, and I am paraphrasing here..."The Fed's do not have the right to spend money on things that I do not want them to". Ummmm did you take any Govt. classes in school. You vote these folks into office and they make decisions for all of us. Get a fucking clue fuckwit, you pay taxes for the good of our Nation. Our taxes pay for many things....not just what you (self important cunt) wants. I believe in dissent....But healthy dissent. I also believe in respecting others....what I have seen from the right and the far right is utter contempt towards others that do not believe in what they want.



  1. Nah. Stay on the soapbox mate. Everyone needs to speak up on a global scale or we are all fucked.
    Something you said struck me though.
    "You vote these folks into office and they make decisions for all of us."
    No they don't. We vote them in so that they can represent our wishes.
    Not that this happens though.
    I remember your Bush saying that Blair had stepped up as a leader in the UK and showed himself to be world class when he opposed what the people wanted and went to war in support of the US.
    Can you see what is wrong with that?
    He opposed the people who elected him.
    So when did that become acceptable.
    Politicians should be made to represent. When we vote them in it's not a free pass to line their pockets or a get out of jail free card.
    It's time that was hammered home.

  2. I understand your point Mainy. What I was mentioning was that this women and many others like her (Tea Party Movement) and not happy with what our government has spent money on. Nationalized health care, regulating our banks, spending money to put people to work, abortion, etc. They want to cut taxes and have less government. Less government can be a good thing, but we have Social Security, Medi-Care, unemployment benefits etc....those cost money and taxes pay for it. The Republicans have tried to block every bill that the Obama Admin. has introduced. I think that it is not a matter of principle's but rather racism. The amount of racist artwork with Obama's likeness has been a thing to see....Most of these wacko's come from the rural south and are just plain ignorant.

  3. I've seen quite a bit of it. Pop Art Posters with Commie Nigger emblazoned across it Is one that springs to mind. Disgusting.

  4. I knew Obama's election would bring out these freaks in droves, to the teabaggers(they chose that name despite the spin they are putting on it now) he is a double threat, Democrat and black, they are totaly freaked out! I think it is a good thing in the long run because it is dragging the inherant racisim of the Repugnican party out of the closet and into full public view.