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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Thanks Goes Out To Those Good People And Those About To Be Good People

Many thanks to all that has kicked me down music that I have been looking for. Nice to know that there are alot of very kind folks out there that will take the time to help someone out when all you know them is from the iternet. Special thanks goes out to Longy who has kindly helped me out with loads of stuff. Appreciated mate, even though you support the wrong club. Same goes for S! over at 13th Floor Vendetta (who has not been active of late). It just stokes me out to hear something that I have been obsessing over or just wanted to hear. Thank you.

Oh the title? It is again a play on the Supersuckers....This Goes Out To All The Good Fuckers, And Those About To Be Good Fuckers.....


  1. Well if you need anything else,give us a shout. You never know whats hanging about in the Longy archives and on this computer.

  2. Ken is that the same S! that used to be on TP? Haven't heard from him in yonks if it is and top bloke. I used to yap with him quite a bit on soulseek a few years back. I think he was from Newcastle.

  3. Just wanted to back up Kenny's comments. I know sometimes it can be frustrating doing the blog with the lack of comments that people leave but when you ask for something the good people sure do come through. In the past I asked for the Wildhearts and boy did I get the Wildhearts. So much more than what I had asked for I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Special thanks to Chris who even though he was having problems sending tracks over the net took the time to try and help me out. Ultimately Nekrodad came through and sent a link to the goldmine of Wildhearts material for which I am truly grateful! Of course special thanks must be sent to Longy and Topper who always make a point to leave comments which is always appreciated.


  4. Longy, yes that is the same S! He has a great blog too. He is a great guy, he has shared tons of music with me. And yes he is from the Newcastle area

  5. No problem Angry...........