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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Angry's Springtime Collection

Here we go again....... Decided to throw another compilation together. I tend to like downloading compilations from blogs as I rarely make them for myself but am always making them for others. I just always like to hear other peoples idea of what songs should compliment each other and hopefully find some new great tracks that I am unfamiliar with. Hopefully others around blogland feel the same way. 33 people downloaded the last one so I guess it is worth it although very few comment...... Hope you enjoy this one and as always with my compilations even though it takes forever everything is tagged properly and volumes are all leveled off using Nero Express.


Angry’s Springtime Collection
The Wildhearts – My Baby is a Headfuck
Abrasive Wheels – Breadline
Shot Baker – Just In Case
Cock Sparrer – Suicide Girl
Descendents – I’m Not a Loser
Dead Kennedys – Police Truck
TSOL – We’re Together
Angelic Upstarts – Two Million Voices (BBC Session Version)
Charlie Harper – Barmy London Army
Common Rider – Castaways
Death on Wednesday – If You Want
Lemmy – Thirsty and Miserable
Manic Street Preachers – Under My Wheels
The Lurkers – Move On (BBC Session Version)
The Normals – Almost Ready
The Damned – Lively Arts (Radio Session Version)
The Dictators – Stay With Me
The Gas – Definitely is a Lie
The Nomads – Demolition Girl
The Peawees – I’m Depending on You
Stark Naked and the Fleshtones – I Broke Her Heart
The Cure – I Just Need Myself
Tuff Darts – Here Comes Trouble
Blag Dahlia – The Wicked
Big Drill Car – Hospital Song
The Briefs – Come Dancing
The Bouncing Souls – Badass


  1. Nice one Angry! I have most of the songs so I know that this is a good one!!!!!

  2. Oh and you have Spring in Canada??? When does the thaw happen for the frozen tundra (I am sitting here in shorts and a t shirt with 70 degree weather next to a beach.....) kidding....

  3. Kel and me went to see Scott Sorry's band (Wildhearts) a couple of nights ago Angry. If they make it to Canada check them out.

  4. Hey Kenny
    It's been the strangest winter here. Very little snow and it was actually 71 degrees here on then weekend. It's going up to 59 degrees today although it is raining. The beach at Lake Ontario isn't as nice as your beach I'm sure though!


  5. If you two don't have anything by the Strike then grab it here
    They really hit the spot that the Jam vacated, with of course their own little punk twist.

  6. I have a bunch of their stuff. Cool fact I still have a red Strike t-shirt! Saw them in my hometown with The Odd Numbers. The thing that always bothered me about bands that were inspired by The Jam is that they lacked that little extra ooomph that The Jam had. Still both bands, The Strike and Odd Numbers weere awesome!

  7. The Strike were a great band. Definately one of the better mod revival bands as they sounded so authentic and had tonnes of energy. I wonder if the band still exists or if they don't what the ex members are up to now?


  8. Haven't listened to the comp yet, but I am quite surprised to see a song by The Gas. I think the Emotional Warfare LP is one of the most underrated UK punk LP's of its time. Great song choice for the comp!


  9. Thanks for the comments. I'm really surprised no one has reissued that Gas lp. Totally agree that the lp is very underrated.