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Monday, February 20, 2012

Classics Of Love

The album of the year?????????? Could very well be. I know that it is February but this is sooo damn good. Some of you might know who Jesse Michaels is...if not well he is the singer of Operation of our Gilman mainstays back in the day, and a band that would spawn Rancid. Well if truth be told, this reminds me of Op Ivy mainly because of Michaels voice...But some of the stuff actually sounds like what Op Ivy did when they were playing a hardcore song. Mix some Clash, SLF in there to and you have a fair idea of what this sounds like. Recommended!!!


  1. Where can this be stole, damn! Purchased?

  2. haha I actually bought it on iTunes...damn good too

  3. Saw them last night. WOW!
    Chris Shary