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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Farmcore...A Movie About The Farm in San Francisco

I have been looking for this movie for some time and I found it today. I am providing the link to part one, as it comes in multiple parts.

For those that don't know about The Farm, I will give you some history. Of course San Francisco had The Mabuhay Gardens, and many other punk clubs like The Elite Club, Sound Of Music, and many smaller places...many did not last too long. Above the Mab was The On Broadway. The On Broadway was the place to see many locals bands as well as many out of town bands coming through. Angelic Upstarts, PATTB, etc. That lasted until 1984 or so and then The Farm opened it's doors to punk rock. Discharge, English Dogs, Bad Brains and just about everyone else played here when they came through the Bay Area. I went to many shows here between 1984-1987. You always had to be quick on your toes because of the police cruising around looking for kids drinking or you had the cholos looking for stupid suburban white kids that were invading the Mission District...truly scary. Anyways watch this, it is real cool. I know 13th Floor Vendetta will dig the Scream footage...
Oh BTW, the beginning of the movie has DI starting out there set...somewhere up front is ME.....


  1. Nice one Ken. Keep digging this shit out, I love a good punk film.

  2. Thanks Neil...that place ruled my world for 3-4 years. Could get pretty violent with skins beating the crap outta people