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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Naked Raygun Single #3

Yeaaaa FINALLY...for shits sakes....this sure took long. This is just classic riffs, great sing a long moments....Just buy it...Neil?????


  1. Got my copy off iTunes this am Ken. Love it. I REALLY hope they do another album.

  2. Alright Ken how are you?
    The 7" of this has been out a while now but I hadnt heard the 2 tracks until the MP3 came out the other day. Ive gotta admit Im dissapointed. Ive played both tracks a couple of times when I bought them and now just days later I cant recall a single hook! The songs just arent as good a Pezzatti puts out with his other band, The Bomb.

  3. Neil, I like it a lot too...knew you would like it!
    Daz, how are you? You don't like it?? Bummer, I think it is actually quite good...oh well, we all have our taste. Thanks for the replies gents!

  4. Ken. I'm fine fella, thanks for asking.
    It's not that I don't like the songs on the new single, quality wise theyre better than most bands can put out. I was purely dissapointed because of the extremly high expectation I had for this single. I thought because of the wait between #2 and this, #3 that it would blow me away but it hasn't.

  5. I too have some high expectations of them.....a nice thing for a band of their legacy!

  6. I've played this 7'' (old skool) loads of times now and whilst I'd agree it's not as good #1 I really believe this is classic NR. The hooks are there, the melody is there and the chorus is there, most definitely for burning red. Black eyed blue took me longer to get into, but I'd say the same for that as well tbh. Not as instant as #1, or #2 for that matter, but it's still damn good. Roll on the long player that I pray for.

    Good to see you're still around Daz. Ken I've sent you a mail mate :)