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Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Dils

Just to show you all that I am not just hyping new releases and such, I will be posting this in the next few days. This covers their singles, their one track on Rat Music and a slew of live stuff that is not available to my knowledge. The holidays and work have me swamped but I will get this out. This was released in 1990 on Damaged Goods and has not been reissued since. Here is what you get live:

9 Citizen 2:25
10 It's Not Worth It 1:53
11 Intro 0:28
12 National Guard 2:41
13 Tell Her I Love Her 2:18
14 Gimme A Break 2:41
15 Mr. Big 2:25
16 Love House 3:23
17 Wreck Of The Old 97 2:04
18 New Kicks 3:29
19 Before The Law 3:07
20 Tell Me What I Want To Hear 2:12
21 Class War 2:01
22 Blow Up! 2:21
23 I Hate The Rich 1:37
24 C-A-R 2:02
25 Turgid Tosh 3:10
26 Some Things Never Change 3:54
27 Poor Poor Girl 3:52
28 Only The Lonely 2:33
29 You Don't Matter Anymore

9 and 10 live, punks against black lung benefit, Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, March 20 1978
11 to 24 live, Aito's, Berkley, November 18 1978
25 to 28 live, Los Angeles, 1979
29 live, Temple Beautiful, San Francisco, September 11, 1979



  1. I've been anticipating this. Are you still planning to post it? In any case, enjoy the blog. Thanks!

  2. Yes I am! Life has just been in the way. By this weekend it will be up. The live recordings are pretty good sounding too!

  3. I will be posting this. Sorry all, I have been real busy with work this week and have not had the chance to upload it yet. I will in by this Sat.