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Sunday, December 19, 2010

MY 2010 Best Of

Here we are with my top ten for 2010. Basically I viewed this with the idea that I would rate 1-10 by how many plays these albums or singles received at my home and car. Another criteria was for me to base this on reviewing these releases. So as you see below there are two recent releases that have gained mention. Firstly, The Boys. This is is such a fantastic release that the number one pole is deserving. If it was not released this year, Sham 69 would have won hands down. The second release is the new Wire one. It is pretty damn good too. Now let the debate begin!

1. The Boys-Mattless Boys
Yeah I know they are titled as The Mattless Boys, but really it is The Boys. This is as good as anything they have done in their career
2. Sham 69- Who Killed Joe Public
No Jimmy Pursey??? Sacrilege! Yeah right, this is their best ablum since The Game. This has been in constant rotation in my house since its release
3. Off- First 4 Eps
Keith Morris and Co. finally make an album that has the rage of the early days. This is what Black Flag should have sounded like after the Nervous Breakdown 7”. Classic!
4. From The Jam- Later Days
Russell Hastings and no Paul Weller? Look, I am as big of a fan as anyone with Weller leading The Jam. But truth be told, we will never see that happen again. This song has all the classic sounds that made The Jam my favorite band of all time
5. Swingin’ Utters- Taking The Long Way Ep
I am a little biased but who cares. This is MY blog! Fantastic return by these Santa Cruz/SF punk rockers.
6. Poly Styrene- Black Christmas
Yep, this made my top ten! The slight reggae meets Germ Free Adolescents (song) makes this a huge winner for me
7. DOA- Talk-Action=Zero
DOA have been hitting on all cylinders over the last few years and this is a fantastic release!
8. Killing Joke- Absolute Dissent
In my opinion this is their best since Nightime. Sure wish I could have seen them a few nights ago
9. The Vibrators- Under The Radar
Another strong release by these class of ‘77 vets. They just keep ticking away!
10. Bad Religion- The Dissent Of Man
Was not sure whether this was going to make my top ten this year or not. For me, their formula has been getting a little stale. After seeing them live, I have renewed faith in them. Subsequent listening have proven that this is a great release. Not a classic mind you, but worthy!

Honorable mention:
*Leatherface-The Stormy Petrol....just added this on 12/29/10...I forgot this beauty!
*GBH- Perfume and Piss
Still churning out the speedy, spikey punk that I have been digging since 1982
*Wire- Red Barked Tree
Picked this up today and have listened to it 3-4 times now and I am impressed! Sounds like Chairs Missing in places and 154
*Penetration- The Feeling 7”
This one almost made my top ten. This single is just soooooo damn good! Glad to see such a quality band releasing new material.


  1. Nice list Kenny. Forgot about the GBH which should be on my list as should the Swingin Utters two recent singles. The Mattless Boys is great also. Just spinning it now! Excellent!


  2. Mattless mean The Boys!