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Monday, February 16, 2009

Hits and Misses (Awesome Record Shop!!)

I hope Kenny doesn't mind but just had to give a little plug for an awesome punk rock record shop in Toronto Canada! This guy carries all the coolest new releases as well as the old classics so if any bands are touring or if you are just visiting Toronto you must check this store out. Guaranteed you won't leave empty handed! Punk, Powerpop, Metal and beyond... It's all here (You might even find the odd Milli Vanilli record (Ok that's just a Joke!!!) Great used rarities here too (and lot's of them!!) It's worth the trip just for the wall art (original Red Rockers, TSOL, CH3 etc. promo posters and concert flyers) If you do visit please make sure to say hi to the owner Pete ("Outlaw Pete" as Springsteen has referred to him as :) ) Well worth the visit!! Angry gives this place 2 thumbs up!!!!
No I don't mind at all! We have one in San Francisco called Amoeba which is about as close to record collecting nirvana than anything. All hail cool record stores!!!!


  1. Thanks for the tip. It happens that I am going to be in Toronto this coming weekend and was looking for some cool record stores to visit.

  2. Be prepared to spend lot's of time digging through the racks!!! Enjoy your trip to Toronto.