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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Some Thoughts

For those that don't know there are three new releases that I want to make you aware of . The first is The Rezillos No. 1 Boy which I like alot. Though not as manic as the incredible earlier stuff, this still is miles above most crap out there today. Seek it out, it is not too hard to find. The second one is Day 21 which is Jimmy Pursey's new band with some two of the guys from......errrr Towers Of London. I have to admit that I like it alot!!!! TOL kind of left me somewhat interested and I always thought that they might have a swinging chance....But ever since Stinky Turner called them out and none of the band wanted to show that they were hard nuts then I kind of laughed at them. Just kidding. Day 21 has a song to DL called Havin' It RocknRoll. I think that it actually has more Sham in it than Sham has these days. Annnndddddd the third one is a nice little suprise that I got the other day by the wonderful Members. For those that don't know, The Ruts and Members were/are two of my all time favorite bands. What we have here is Offshore Banking Business done as International Financial Crisis with two other tracks one is a radio edit...Remember those on 12 inches as well as a dub version. Whatever, it is nice to see them back around. I do hear that they are touring in the UK but without Tesco????? Hmmmmm. I know he has had some health problems, let's hope this is not permanent. Seek out and Buy!! Sorry I don't have any links. I am just too tired to deal.


  1. Lets be honest Ken,who wants to fight Stinky Turner lol. His alot bigger now and if someone did chin him you'd have his brother and 400 old ICF after you. I good sensible call from the Towers Of London boys me thinks!

    3 good shouts there though. I must go and buy that Members CD immediately : - )

  2. Well you know that you should not mess with the ICF huh Longy???? Seriously though, I would not mess with the boys, young or old version.

  3. Ken

    Thank you for the info...........mmmmm about better watch out for Sensei Burnell.

    HUSH !