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Saturday, February 28, 2009

No Alternative-Johnny Got His Gun 78-82

No Alternative started life as KGB in 1977 in San Franisco. Johnny Patterson was the original guitarest for The Offs and the other guys included drummer Zippy Pinhead who would later play in The Dils. KGB released one single which I cannot think of right now and appeared on a few comps. They changed their name to No Alternative and appeared on a bunch of compilations like SF Underground Vol. 1, Not So Quiet on The Western Front as well as releasing a single in 1981 and to finish off their career they had a split with San Jose's own Lifeline. Lifeline had Joe Sib as their singer, who, as most don't know, went onto form Wax and the record label Side 1/Dummy. Anyways, No Alternative fall into the same kind of theme as maybe, The Dils or Impatient Youth. Great Americana style punk rock with a good dose of roots rock thrown in. Maybe even a rougher version of later day Social Distortion? After No Alternative broke up Johnny formed The Swingin' Possums which were more rockabilly than punk rock. Well Johnny is a rather nice guy and has even appeared on Talkpunk on a few occasions. Unfortunately he is fighting cancer, so if you like this music, why don't you head over to there Myspace page and donate a few dollars to help him fight his cancer.



  1. Ken thank you, great band

    take a look over here

    And take some time to listen

    Reactions from Florida

  2. Cheers Ken. Bad news on the big C for Johnny : - ( I hope he can pull through.

  3. They played last night. I did not thow that in

  4. Can you please re-post this one, the link is dead.

  5. Any chance for a re-up, please?

  6. Can't find this anywhere! (Sadface)