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Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Crowd Beach Blvd. Tracks

Here we have The Crowd from Orange County, California. 1978 and out comes The Crowd. Like a cross between The Dickies and The Ramones, they were just plain awesome. I had the honor, and yes I mean honor of being the support band for them back in 1997 in Costa Mesa and they were great. Here we just have the tracks that they appreared on Beach Blvd. comp. Put out by Posh Boy Records which also released such great records like Red Cross' debut, Agent Orange, early TSOL, Channel 3 and many more cool stuff.


  1. got this one.........and its a hit

    thank you (and keep on going)

  2. hi there, mediafire link says the file has been removed - could you please reupload it? I'm hearing how awesome this album is from everywhere around...