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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Canada Vs. USA Hockey

Well some of you might know this. Angry lives up north in Canada and I live in sunny California (USA). Our two countries share a sport together, aside from our border. HOCKEY! I was going to email Angry and give him some props with his country beating mine in overtime, but I thought this would be better. That had to be one of the better hockey games I have watched in a long time. Canada played great. Though, if I were coaching them 4 years from now, I would pick younger, faster players. The USA team was much faster and I think more skilled. However Sydney Crosby made their statement with a game winning goal. I was devastated!!!! Anyways, props to Canada for such a great game and taking the gold. The US team has nothing to be embarrassed about.

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  1. What a great game that was, and the outcome could have easily gone the other way. Congrats to the US team as they played a great game but I must say I'm very happy that it turned out the way it did. Crosby is a Canadian hero now!