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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New DOA Album

For what it is worth I am a HUGE DOA fan. HUGE! I knew that they were in the studio recording their follow up to the awesome Northern Avenger. I just did not know that the album will be out in May. How cool is that! Anyways us over at Days Of Our Youth are waiting breathlessly for this to come out. Speaking of DOA, Sudden Death is re-releasing Let's Wreck The Party on March 16th. Out of all the DOA albums in the 1980's, this album is probably my least favorite of theirs. Oh well. I am going to purchase it again and see if my opinion changes. While I was visiting Sudden Death, I came across a little note on there telliing of the passing of Franco, bassist of MDC. I have never been a huge MDC fan but I have seen them a few times over the years. The first time was in 1985 opening for DOA in San Jose. Franco was there rocking out for MDC at that gig. RIP.



  1. I have tried to listen to Lets Wreck the Party, it is a tough one to get through. I love DOA, but dislike that LP. Oh the Production,yikes

  2. One of the first punk albums I ever got my hands on was a DOA live album with this same title on Restless Records. Can't blame them for rehashing the name, it is a fun title.