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Friday, August 13, 2010

The English Dogs-To The Ends Of The Earth 12" Ep

This Ep was an absolute ripper when it came out. Right off of the heels of Invasion Of The Porky Men. Adding Giz on guitar from The Destructors and Ade on vocals from Ultraviolent who had a fantastic Ep on Riot City, here you see The English Dogs propel into speedcore. This Ep is just amazing! Technical and fast, this was on my turntable quite a bit in 1984. Even to this day I love cranking the volume on this one. Enjoy!

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  1. Damn these aac, mpeg4 audio files!!! I spent 15 minutes trying to configure a media player just to listen to 1 single E.P.. So frustrating!!!! It makes me curse everytime I waste my time music formated in this file type. It's sort of a joke having to change all of my preferances to hear one album. That is all. Love the Blog though. Thanks.