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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Anti Nowhere League-Out On The Wateland 12" Ep

Dunno how many folks like this time period of The League.....I mean, I love We Are The League and the singles from that time period. But the first time I heard the Four You 7" and then this, I was floored. The band grew up! They can play! Wow! Out On The Wasteland is another one of my 83-84 loves that I have. Again, maybe it is just nostalgia? I started going to shows a bunch in 1983 and saw many bands and it sure seemed like just about everyone was coming over here. Conflict, PATTB, Angelic Upstarts, Chron Gen, UK Subs, Vice Squad, The Damned, Clash, One Way System, Toy Dolls, Discharge, Exploited, and of course The Anti Nowhere League who were supporting The Subs. My old band even got a support slot on one of their comebacks. Cool.

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