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Friday, August 13, 2010

The Damned-The Shadow Of Love 10" Ep

Well hey first Damned post since Fun Factory. Here we have my favorite Damned song from their more Goth period. In fact, I might add...Alone Again Or (Yes it is a Love song) comes in a close second. The Shadow Of Love and Nighshift I rate as top notch...but......Would, putrid....Could they not find another song to put on there?????? Anyways, I saw The Damned a few times during this period and thought they were fantastic. Yes, they had no Captain, but Roman Jugg and Bryn Merrick (who both played in a Wales punk band prior???) joined The Damned and made The Damned MKXX...kidding.......a functioning unit. I remember seeing The Damned with both of those guys with Captain when they played the Old Waldorf in San Francisco, touring for the massive Strawberries album, with Roman on keys and Bryn of bass....totally cool!!!! Anyways, I am sure my partner in crime will add some other bits and things...Angry where are ya! Here it is, one of my alltime faves....THE DAMNED!


  1. Hello Ken :)

    I was gonna add a comment about this era Damned, but it wouldn't be that flattering, so I'll leave it as "Hello Ken :)".


  2. Nice post Kenny. A great tune and yes Nightshift is excellent too although Would You is obviously a joke. Love this period of the Damned with Grimly Fiendish probably being my fave single from this era although Shadow of Love is very close or maybe it's Eloise???? So many great tunes it's hard to pick!