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Friday, August 13, 2010

VIce Squad-Teenage Rampage 7"

ahhh Man, here it is. I remember when I bought this little bugger at some little record store in El Paseo. I used buy many English imports there ie Discharge, Vice Squad, Broken Bones, etc. Anyways, I bought this and looked at the cover and thought, hmmm ah they're a 5 piece now and whoa, where is have to remember that getting a mag like Sounds, NME (which really would not cover them) or Punk Lives was next to impossible. So....who is the hot girl???? Leah?? Ok, well, crap lets throw it on and see what we have here. Teenage Rampage huh...Good...ohhh I get it, Marc Bolan cover. Nice! But the next song, killed me!!!!!! High Spirits was like their older stuff. Nice! I love this song!! Still do.

ps This is it for today!


  1. I just want to thank you for this blog. Well done and loads of memories! Cheers! Lisa

  2. This was really fun! But no, not Marc Bolan - it's The Sweet (Chinn/Chapman).
    Same intro with crowds-chanting.
    Best wishes,
    Robert - Stockholm