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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Frontline-Outside Your Window

Got this one from System/Sabotage/Chaos blog by request. That was over 2 years ago and since many of my followers are different I thought I'd post this. Frontline were from San Jose and were a huge band in our scene. Fronted by the ever so affable Joe Sib they were a force to be reckoned with. I saw them many many times opening up for bands like The Ramones, and other big bands around 1984-1986. They should have been bigger on a national scale, but well....sometimes these things happen. They would change their name to Lifeline, and would continue playing big shows. Lifeline released a split 12" with SF punk rockers No Alternative and then they would split. Joe would move to LA and start the band Wax that had a hit on MTV called California which is not a bad song for the early 90's pop punk stuff. Joe also runs Side 1/Dummy Records and is an all around great guy. Last year Joe did a comedy tour based on his years growing up as a punk rocker in the early 80's. I saw him in San Jose with all of the usual suspects of the SJ hardcore crews of the 80's. It was awesome! Joe was really, really good. But that does not suprise me, he is a fantastic frontman to begin with. I have also included the track on Rat Music to download to. If you are a fan of Social Distortion, DI, Adolesecents and that ilk, then you will dig this. Seems most SJ bands were influenced by the LA hardcore scene unlike up north in SF where there were a bit more tuneless. Once Lifeline was over, it was my band, Slip that took the mantle and was the big boys on the block. Hows that for ego! Ohhh and don't let the stupid cover fool ya, this is REAL good!!!!
Outside Your Window Ep

Rat Music Comp.

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