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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Red Rockers-Condition Red

I am sure of that some of you might be familiar with this band. The song China was on MTV quite a bit in the early 80's. Blech......But really, this band had a very nice start. First they released a debut Ep that I have posted on here, and then this fantastic album. For those that dig The Clash or more locally, The Dils and Rank N File then you will dig this. These guys started out in New Orleans and moved to the hip and happening San Francisco punk scene in 1979'ish. This came out in 1980 on the local label 415 Records. 415 is the phone area code for San Francisco and at one time the Peninsula too. The guy that owned the label, Howie Klein went onto major label success and inking Green Day at their label or something like that. 415 had Romeo Void, Translator (Everywhere That I'm Not), SVT, Mutants, Offs, Wire Train, Nuns, Pearl Harbor (Drivin'), VKTMS, and others....Probably the closest SF had for a label that would put out punk/new wave in the late 70's. Trivia, The first real big show I ever saw was The Ramones and Red Rockers at The Warfield Theatre in San Francisco...I don't know what year though. 1981??????

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