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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Favorite Releases Between 1983-1984...The Top 10

Released in 1984, Perfection is all I can say. This was a slowed down version of The Abrasive Wheels. Adding melody and rocking guitar playing made this my alltime fave from these two years.

#2 This could also be a number one! Between this album and The Abrasive Wheels album, those two did not stray too far from my turntable. Del's playing on this was unbelievable!! I still love this!

#3 Some might pan this, but I actually liked this album a lot. Vice Squad slow things down a bit and add some crunch. Lia did a great job singing on this and to be honest, this whole era of Vice Squad was quite enjoyable.

#4 I love Oi! But I like the stuff with good melody...and yes the la la Business delivered on this. This still gets many plays at my house! An awesome band that still delivers to this day.

#5 The kings of Oi! What can be said about this amazing band that has not been said before. Still recording, playing live and taking them all.

#6 With personel changes the boys kept rolling in 1984. Not as good as Shock Troops but still full of piss n vinegar!

#7 Another band with personel changes and a little reinventing....A little more subdued than your typical Subs release, but I really dug this when it came out.

#8 I am sure this is will raise a few eyebrows. But hey it is my blog and I love this Ep! Getting into their more "rock" faze, but it still was a fantastic release!

#9 A band grows up in front of our eyes and pulls out their greatest moment! This album was sooo good.

#10 This was a tough choice..It was between Conflict's Increase The Pressure and Dem Bones...Dem Bones barely wins this one. This album has it aall...doomish apocalyptic thrash with Bones unmistakable riffs. Love this!


  1. Some nice choices there Ken, I still have 6 of your choices. Cocksparrer were just brilliant, as were the Partisans. I never bought the "oi" tag; that was a figment of Gary Bushells imagination and he was a total wanker.

    The ANWL choice didn't raise my eyebrows, but it did make me spit my beer all over my monitor.

  2. bought 8 out of the 10 myself at the time. still class stuff they are too.

  3. yes class stuff indeed....But I guess Neil just doesn't like ANWL.....:)

  4. great list. Now I need a mixed tape.

  5. Thanks WildGift...assuming WildGift is a nod to X?????
    Ken Days Of Our Youth