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Saturday, June 18, 2011

1981, 1982, and 1983....What Does It Have To Do With Me

Since I did a favorite releases of 1983-1984 I noticed it was all UK based. Well I do like music from other countries, most notably mine. You see, I grew up during the golden age of Hardcore, so I thought I'd post my favorite 10 releases from that period.

This one was an easy one. From 1980-1983 this band could do NO wrong. Period. Typical OC guitar playing, harmonies and surf drums round out a amazing debut.

Another band that was flawless from 1981-1983...OC punk at its finest...not too mention some tasty surf tunes for us Cali types

Coined the term HARDCORE? Maybe.....Still releasing great stuff to this day. Awesome live band and just plain legendary

My only hometown release You see I like melody and tasty guitar playing. Not that this release was Fresh Fruit #2, it was a different animal altogether. Much faster in pace, The DKs were trying their hand at hardcore and they succeed.

One of my fave bands of alltime. Geekcore at its best. America's version of The Buzzcocks???

Personality, power, originality....sporting one of the greatest frontmans of alltime? Yep. TSOL were HUGE in LA during their heyday. Since coming back they have retained the power of days of old

The Blue Album....follows the OC way of life...soaring guitars, great background vocals, melody and the goold ole surf beat. What sets them apart is Tony's "Iggy meets Darby" vocals. Love them

Ex Adolescents here...played many shows with DI, have seen them a million times, and yes, they follow the OC way!

Funny that this is the only other out of state release on here. You see, I love Minor Threat, Effigies, AOF, Necros, Really Red, Big Boys, Minutemen, Kraut, Bad Brains, Government Issue and many more. It's just that the bands I am listing made a huge impact on me when I was around during those years.

And last but not least. Almost from the OC comes CH3. Melody, power and just plain great songs. Still at it today and still as good!


  1. The Racing RabbitJune 18, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    You forgot the Circle Jerks' "Group Sex"! And what about Black Flag?

  2. yeah I originally had Group Sex in there but I had to pair it down. As for Black Flag, their earlier stuff prior to Rollins joining is my fave stuff of theirs. Tough choices indeed. If the Jealous Again ep was released during those three years then It would have been in the top 5. I even missed Husker Du for what its worth

  3. Rewriting history. That is what everyone does these days. None of these bands back then sold very many records, but everyone claims to have listened to them. It's the cool thing to say. How old were you when these albums came out? Even in S.Cal the scene wasn't that big. Now everyone is nostalgic for a generation they were never a part of.

  4. Well Anon, I was 18 in 1982. If you have followed my blog you would know that I am from the San Francisco Bay Area. "My" scene was the South Bay scene which had bands like Los Olivdados, Drunk Injuns, Faction, Ribzy etc. I also played in bands from the mid 80's onwards. Everyone on those records I purchased when the were released, and all of those bands I have seen many times. Rewriting history??? I went to shows in SF all the time, The On Broadway, Mab, some Tool and Die shows, The Farm, Club Culture in Santa Cruz and many hall shows in SJ......So yes, I feel I know what I am talking about Anon. Nice that you cannot even put a name down. How old were you??

  5. I could flip the order and still agree with your list a 100%. Good work here. I never did buy into any of the "D" groups post Adolescents but I did watch "Another State Of Mind" calmly and connect with those folks..old vhs..I started with a box cassette player to a Multi-Band radio playing Gary Numan in '79. Good times...

  6. Hmmmm "None of these bands back then sold very many records, but everyone claims to have listened to them". I live in England and I can name you 5-6 people who owned all these records. like me for one, and that's just in my little city and my circle of friends...there were more.

    Do you have any idea just how far and wide this music travelled? I'm guessing not. Black Flag played the Christmas on Earth festival in late '82 in Leeds, England and 8 thousnad punks saw them. A hell of a lot of them knew the bands songs.

    Soooo anyway, bitter people aside. Nice post Ken; I owned each of these (and I imported them upon release as well) and I think I still have all but one on vinyl.

    There is no way I could pick a top ten as I'd include Texas and DC bands for sure and probably Urban Waste as well...and the Bad Brains...and I'd also have the Circle Jerks in there.

  7. Thanks for you input Neil, I always appreciate you perspective from over the pond. The Christmas On Earth gig I read about in Henry's book. That must have been a fantastic gig. The list I made up was just bands that impacted me. Made me listen more than a few times...hell I listened to those albums A LOT! Bad Brains are an amazing band but I really did not get into them until 1984 to 1985'ish with the release of I Against I...Though I did see them in 1982. Circle Jerks and Black Flag would have made my list if I had extended it to a top 20...oh well, you cannot please everyone...Oh and Naked Raygun, Really Red, Zero Boys would all have been in there too

  8. Xmas on earth was good fun. I watched most of it from back stage as well as watching Wattie shoot police cars with an air pistol from a back stage window, drooling over Beki Bondage and chatting to Charlie Harper, Gene October and the Damned. The place itself was a warehouse and was horrible.