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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Could Someone Help This Old Soul....PLEASE!!!!!

I have a want list that I have listed alot of pretty hard to find stuff. One that is haunting me to no ends is a band from my hometown of San Jose called Frontline. I have two tracks from two comps. and that is it. I saw Frontline many times in my younger days, because they seemed to open for every damn big band coming through town. When they broke up, then my old band, Slip took the mantle opening for The Meatmen, Chaos Uk, Anti Nowhere League, Dickies (many times), Agent Orange, The Adicts, DI, and many more. Anyways, I used to own their album and I sold it or lost it. Could someone PLEASE take pity on this old soul and help a brother out....PLEASE!!! I don't know the name of the Lp but I am at a loss and I want to hear this album..or was it an Ep??? They were a very cool band that had the Southern California punk sound down to a tee. Their singer Joe Sib would later start Wax, and then 22 Jacks, and also run Side 1 Dummy Records.


  1. i am happy to help out as i am a big fan of this blog.

    their 12" was called "outside my window." i don't have the record in front of me, but i seem to remember the cover featured the band looking in a girl's window. maybe i'm confusing it with the multitude of 80's wacky comedy videos i've digested over the years.

    i meant to digitize the 12" at some point, but then found it on soulseek. it's tagged as front line, and i was never sure if they were called frontline or frontline, as the album cover has the name split into 2 lines.

    i'm assuming the 2 comp. tracks you have are from rat music for rat people 3 and do you remember rock n roll (that song is on the 12" too). if you have anything else by them, i'd love to hear it. or if you have anything by lifeline, i've been looking for that too. i think frontline turned into lifeline, who were a little more skate rock sounding.

    thanks for all the good music. hope i could help out.


  2. Hi sir....
    I have this:
    The Crowd-Big Fish Stories Lp
    Impostors - Don't Get Mad 7'' 1980 SF
    Impostors - Night Time TV 7'' 1981 SF
    Red Beret-First Impression Lp
    The Afflicted -Good News About Mental Health Lp

    If I can help you, drop me a line

  3. Never heard of them Ken. Try that Captain Crawl search thingy on my blog. Might bring it up (but I doubt it lol)

  4. hello ken
    i just left a comment but it dissappeared so apologies if this shows up twice!anyway im off to london to go record shopping in some great 2nd hand music shops today so will keep an eye out for frontline.ill let you know later how i get on

  5. Thanks for the link Neal. I'm not familiar with them but if Kenny says they are good I know they are. I'm a huge fan of Wax and 22 Jacks also. Met Joe Sibs at a 22 Jacks show a few years back and he was a super nice guy. They put on a great show also.


    anyone interested in a Wax or 22 Jacks posting?

  6. Wax...YES! Especially their fist album!
    Thanks for the responses guys...Neal got me covered! A big THANK YOU to Neal for providing me with the Frontline Ep. Neal you are correct about the cover, kinda corny too!!!

    Mike, if you could email me about those titles that you have that would be great!! PLEASE!!

  7. Gobshyte, thanks for the offer. That was very nice of you

  8. Ok Ken, check your email in a few I'm ripping some of that stuff for you...

  9. Kennyhel77, just posted that Front Line EP on System//Sabotage//Chaos. Seems I'm a bit too late. If you want to have it with a scan of the sleeve front, check it out.

  10. Ken -
    My mom just cleaned out a closet she hasn't opened in 15 years. Inside: 1 vg EP of Los Gato's Front Line "Outside Your Window".

    I saw them open for Social D at the Farm in SF ca. 1986 or 87. They rocked a bit and I bought there EP there on line.

    drop me an email and I will see if I can digitize it.

  11. Thanks guys I got the stuff I was lookin for. Jason, I too was at that Social Distortion show. This was there first shows they were doing after the release of Prison Bound. The Farm was a rather interesting place huh!

  12. hey kenny
    ive got a rip of 'trial-moments of collapse' l.p if your still interested.leave a message on my blog and ill send you a link.cheers mate


  13. hey kenny
    ive got a rip of 'trial-moments of collapse' l.p if your still interested.leave a message on my blog and ill send you a link.cheers mate


  14. any luck with lifeline songs?