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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swingin Utters-More Scared

Alrighty then, this is my last post of the day and probably the week. It has been a hectic few days. I had an awards banquet on Friday in San Francisco (I'm in wine and sprits sales) and then a nice drinking session back in Santa Cruz with my team. I kept on getting chest pains through the day so I ended up in the hospital from 11:30pm-5am in the morning. So basically I was in sleepless daze yesterday. Everything is ok with me if anyone is interested. Just reminds you of how life can be taken at any time. Fun thing of the night was watching a cracked out loser that was strapped down, and halucinating. Pure comedy, I loved it! Here is the release entitled More Scared by The Swingin Utters. They originally released a 10" entitled Scared around 1990. This is the release but with a bunch of singles taken from other releases. My band Slip did a split single release on a label that I had at the time and their two songs are on here. More genious from this Santa Cruz band (who moved to San Francisco for many years before some of them moving back here). We also have a amusment park on the beach and warf filled with shops. We have the beaches, the ocean and the fog. For all of my UK friends out there it is akin to Brighton or Blackpool.



  1. Ken - don't you fucking die on me man! Chest pains are scary ain't they. Take it easy matey.

    PS Cheers for this one!

  2. Glad you're OK Ken....Sedated

  3. Thanks Guys, I am ok. Sedated how the hell are ya!