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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Swingin Utters-The Streets Of San Francisco Lp

Ok I lied just one more today and that is it! I promise. Here is the debut album by The Swingin Utters on the New Red Archive label that Nicky Garret had from The UK Subs. Produced by my ex bandmate Lars or Rancid, this album would break The Swingin Utters big time. Not a bad cut on this one to tell you the truth. Listen to the ending of Expletive Deleted and tell me that ending does not sound like a Buzzcocks outtake.



  1. Thanks again Ken. Yea theres definately a bit of Diggleism in those guitars on the that expleted deleted track.

  2. hi mate!
    like you said:
    Pure fucking brilliance!!
    muy grandes los swingin' utters!

  3. Utters just pure class. I had a Streets of San Franscio shirt which I wore to death (the noble art being me second favorite sport after the round ball)
    Glad your still with us Ken! by the way!
    saw the Utters opening for NOFX once and the Shane Mcgowan thing was never more apparent than that night! Just great.
    Bout time we had the Ken discog on here I feel. As well as 3rd division, I also do non league! Give it up Ken! :)