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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sonic Boom Six-City Of Thieves

Just got a pre-release copy of this amazing album. Dunno how many of you know about these guys and gal. But they mix hardcore, ska, dub, punk and hip hop into a very intersting mix. I love them! To my jaded ears they are a breath of fresh air. Very talented group indeed. Seek it out on the internet, it is not to hard to find. I am not posting a link due to it not being released as of yet.

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  1. SB6 News

    Hello guys

    We have some news that sucks I'm afraid! We were informed yesterday lunchtime that due to a major manufacturing error which meant that the first pressing of the CD had to go back and subsequent (and I quote) Easter Weekend Complications, the CDs that were promised to have been at our headquarters and distributors on Wednesday (the 15th) are going to take at least another week from then to get here. We're sorry we couldn't have let everyone know sooner, but today was the last day that, if they did miraculously appear, we'd at least have been able to get the pre-sales out.This means that the release of City of Thieves has been pushed back to Monday 4th May for shops, Digital Download and i-Tunes.

    The digipak pre-orders are going to go out literally as soon as we get them. To apologise for the delay, we are going to send every single person who has pre-ordered the record a unique link to download the album with a PDF inlay on Monday morning. That means you'll be able to hear the record a fortnight before release and you'll still have the CD well before anyone else. Remember to check your junk mail.
    The email will be from

    There are still a handful of digipaks left HERE.
    Anyone that orders before the physical stock arrives they will get a digipak and a download sent to them.