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Friday, March 6, 2009

Motorhead-On Parole

Here is a suprise for you all. I bet that you did not know that I am a huge Motorhead fan. Yep I am! Seen them many times and I have to say that they have rocked everytime that I have seen them. This is there On Parole album recorded with Larry Wallis on guitar from the Pink Fairies. Maybe all of you punk rockers might know that name. He is the one that wrote Police Car that The Members covered. Anyways, this is not as good as the album Motorhead, but this is more of a historical kind of thing. This was recorded and then, only released after Motorhead had gained some fame. I like it, not love it. Check it out!


  1. Ken, thank you.......always interesting unknown albums

  2. Cheers Topper. This album is pretty cool. A little more bluesy than what would become Motorhead as we know. Hope you like it!