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Sunday, March 29, 2009

CH3-Last Time I Drank I Though Of You Lp

Well it has been rather quiet on my part this weekend. Been ripping some stuff as well as doing some home stuff. Channel 3 from the Los Angeles area has always been rather a big favorite of mine. Their early stuff on Poshboy were a nice mix of Clash inspired American Hardcore that I dug. Their 2nd album After The Lights Go Out remains one special album to me. After that release the band had some lineup changes and Jay Lansford joined from The Stepmothers. If anyone is familiar with Jay's writing abilities you will know that the cat can write some pretty good tunes. With his influence, CH3 became more Clash and Alarm inspired, as well as reaching back into past influences, like the song Lord Of The Thighs that CH3 covers on this album by Aerosmith. Don't let that put you off, it is actually quite good! This album was released on Enigma which in the mid to late '80's had some pretty cool bands like Agent Orange, TSOL, The Effigies, and some others.



  1. Great LP this. One of the first (of the second wave) US bands I really got into (after the Jellybeans comp) largely due to the 'I've got a gun' single which was released over here on the No Future label. 'Indian Summer' on this still remains one of me favourite tracks ever. It was on one of the 'All Quiet' comps if I remember.
    Quality stuff.

  2. It's funny you posted this Kenny as I was just listening to it on my Ipod the other day and was thinking I should put this on the blog as it is such a great lp. You beat me to it though. Nice one......


  3. Angry, Brilliant mind think alike.

    John, glad you like them. Yep No Future released their first two albums in the UK???? I have a feeling that most hardcore CH3 fans would not dig this album. I love it!!

  4. fuck, what a great band! even their most recent release is good.

  5. Thank the mannequin. Is it on it ?

  6. Not sure what the story is, but the recording here seems to be way too slow.

  7. Edward, yep! Their newest one is REAL GOOD!! I keep missing them in San Jose when they play up here....damnit!!!

    Topper, no Mannequin on here. That is on the first one. This is a good lp though.

    I might post the Airborne Ep this weekend. And maybe the Don't Turn Your Back On Desperate Times Ep by DOA, which is one of my ALLTIME FAVES EVER!!!!