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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Avengers-S/T

The to the DKs they would be probably the second most popular band from that time period in San Francisco. They recorded their first single on Dangerhouse Label out of LA and would release an Ep, have Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols produce some stuff and I think, nick the song Second To None and change the title to 123, open for The Sex Pistols at Winterland along with The Nuns, and have Penelope work with Howard Deveto of Magazine. I saw The Avengers with The Dead Kennedys sans Jello, Flipper, and The Mutants a couple of years ago. That was awesome!!!! We even managed to show up the weekend before at the wrong show and blag our way into the venue and see some bad reggae. Oh well we came back the next week and saw the one of the better shows of my life. The Avengers play out still, Penelope and Greg Ingraham, along with Joel Reader? and another guy. Man they are still good too. The Avengers re-recorded 3 songs awhile back, and I have to tell you that they have not lost one bit of the fire and venom from the early days. It makes you wonder what they could do today,or are they afraid to tarnish their legacy? Here is a compilation of stuff that was released on CD Presents who would also release a few other recordings, as well as The Rat Music For Rat People comps. Paul Rat, the owner of CD Presents did shows around San Francisco and was never known as a trustworthy guy. From what I understand, this recording was obtained with not the best intentions. The Avengers have a cdr available of this compilation for sale on their site if you are interested. I purchased the vinyl back in 1982 or so and the cd around 1989-1990??? Sometimes you can find it on Ebay for some ridiculous prices, probably why The Avengers sell it on their site. Here is a couple of interesting facts for you. Bassist Jimmy Wilsey would go onto play guitar with Chris Isaak who's band Silvertone was a fixture at rockabilly nights at The Mabuhay Gardens, and would gain mega status of course, and Brad Kent who played in DOA played guitar on the song Corpus Christi. Penelope would go onto a successful folk career after The Avengers folded for those that are interested.

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