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Monday, March 30, 2009

Here We Go Again-And No It Is Not The Dolly Parton Song

Travis Criscola, guitar player of the Cute Lepers passed on. Fucking damnit! 24 years old too. Apparently mixing alcohol and pills just don't do it. I drink and take mild sleeping pills to make it until morning quite alot. Makes me want to re-think that one. Anyways, I have lost alot of friends over the years and it always comes as a shock and something that you will never get used to. Funny how, when I pulled the plug on my old man, it did not faze me at all. Hell I even worked that night. Bastard! I really like The Briefs, but man I love The Cute Lepers!! This is a bummer. Oh well....RIP Travis!


  1. punky fast die young

    liked the cute lepers too

  2. Everyone seems to be dying Ken. Lifes a bummer mate : -(

    R.I.P. Travis

  3. he was with AVENUES ROSE before the cute leppers R.I.P