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Friday, March 27, 2009

Angelic Upstarts-Solidarity 12"

For me, I have had a love affair with The Upstarts since 1980 or so when I bought the Backstage Pass album that feartured them, along with SLF, UK Subs, The Rejects and Manufactured Romance (whom I have a whole cd of their stuff to show off sometime!!!) and I think Cyanide too. Well anyways, it is funny how much Angry and I parrelel with our taste. We both love The Angelic Upstarts Still From The Heart, but when the singles were coming out for the album Reason Why I was stoked. 42nd Street, Woman In Disquise, etc. Masterpiece folks!! I have always had a soft spot for this 12" because this was the one that confirmed to me their greatness would continue and a return to form was happening. 1983 was a fun year for me. Not only did I see The UK Subs, Anti Nowhere League, but also PATTB and of course The Angelic Upstarts.. I LOVE THE ANGELIC UPSTARTS!!!!!


  1. Make that 3 of us Ken. Always loved this band!

  2. Great call Kenny! Love the Angelic Upstarts. Still From the Heart is a great lp that really highlights what a diverse band they were.

  3. Thank you so much, was looking so many years for this version!
    Was a great song in Spain in the 80's!
    What a great youth :-)