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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Punk Friction

Funny how you strike up friendships with others. I have been until recently a member over at Talkpunk for the past 5 years or so. One of the original members and before that I was buying boots from Paul at his site Punk 77. I have met some fantastic people over the course of time such as a certain NI punker that has turned me onto so many fantastic NI bands it is crazy. Another would be my partner in crime here. Angry has more knowledge and enthusiasm about music than I can have in 20 Kennyhel77 bodies. Which brings me to our brother blog site Punk Friction. Even though Longy has shit taste in footie (him being a Chelsea FC fan)....(wink!) and me being a casual to ardent West Ham fan at times makes for fun. I know the pride you take in your teams because we have it here in the states and I live and die with my teams....PERIOD!!!!. The only difference is we don't have the ICF here.......Anyways, I just wanted to give thanks and say how much myself, and I am sure Angry too, for the help and encouragement the man has bestowed on us. It is appreciated!!!! So go over there and find some cool stuff. From Spear Of Destiny to Elvis Costello to The Wall and over to Sham, the man has good taste!

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  1. Ken,the first thing I have to say is how did West Ham do the Champions League last night? You have an appalling taste in Football teams -2nd only to Tottenham!

    Thanks for your kind words - its a pleasure to know both yourself and Angry albeit online and to comment and encourage. Your good selfs have introduced me to lots of overseas stuff I've never heard and have proved you can teach an old dog new tricks. Keep up the good work lads.