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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sweet Baby-It's A Girl

Ok this is my last post probably for the week due to work BS. I have been thinking about posting this for sometime and I am going to do it now. Sweet Baby hailed from the San Francisco area in the late '80's. They were the first big time band that came out of the 924 Gilman St. scene. For me, I have very fond memories of that venue. I played many gigs their with my first band Breakdown, then onto Slip and then The Forgotten. I played some amazing gigs there and I will always remember Gilman St. with happy memories. Sweet Baby were before Green Day. Back then, Green Day were called Sweet Children and the ep Turn It Around had just come out from MRR. Sweet Baby were the OG dadies of Pop Punk at Gilman. Mix The Ramones with garage rock and you might have an idea of how Sweet Baby sounds. Drummer Sergie Loobkoff would go onto playing guitar in Samiam with one of the guys from Social Unrest . Anyways enough meandering. Give this a shot, if you like Ramonesy style punk.


  1. Cheers Ken. You boys have been busy today. Great posts.

  2. Yeah like ramones, so klick klick klick

    thanx Ken