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Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Descendents-'Merican Ep

Nice Ep here by the mighty Descendents. 4 songs and on the 4th it has a hidden track, so really there is 5 songs. The title track is a play on how my state and some here seem to think that you have to be white to belong here. California borders Mexico and alot of our labor comes from Mexico. They are hard working folks that do jobs that some of us don't want to do. More power to them I say. Anyways, this is about as political as The Descendents will ever get. This Ep is great! The song Here With Me is a bonafide Descendents classic and ranks up there with their best. These guys have been going since 1978 in one incarnation or the other with Milo the singer and Bill Stevenson on drums, who I believe is one of the best drummers around. If you like this please check out All, essentially the same band but with a different singer. Anyways, if it is either The Descendents or All, both bands are the originators of American poppy punk. BUT please don't think that they have anything to do with the crappy stuff you hear that is considered modern day punk.

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