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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Second Post Here

For those that don't know, I dig Oi and UK82 stuff to Anarcho stuff. I was thinking about posting stuff that associated with any 3 of those scenes. You know from Zounds, The Mob, Omega Tribe, Icon AD or the 4 Skins, Blitz, One Way System, or dunno maybe some Screaming Dead. Just some thoughts. Leave comments and let me know. I don't wanna be a copy cat of Nation On Fire.


  1. Ken......i don't wanna offend you with youre taste of punk , but i think the stuff you like is already found on other blogs, i mean 4 skins, zounds, blitz etc.

    I think that you're blog now is different from others because of the unknown bands that appear on "days of our youth". That's making this blog unique.

    But that's my point of view.

    punx not dead

  2. Oi oi - Post some oi - old or new school. If ya got any Warriors to post - e-mail first (i play bass for em)and let us know. Noisy Bollox is sold out as is Cross to Bear and we have a new album out now you can get it from

  3. Post what you want Ken,your a Punk!

  4. Yeah........forgot to say "post what you want"..cauze its oke (good one Longy)