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Friday, March 27, 2009

45 Grave - Phantoms EP

Ok kids, here is another post as the weekend is here. My job has me working more, and making the same amount. My bosses also want my co-workers and I to put in 10 hours a day and 14 on Mondays. I am in sales so I kind of wonder WTF! Oh well. Fuck my bosses.
Here we have a wonderful little ditty that came out in 1983. If you are not familiar with 45 Grave, then here is a little history. Formed with ex-members of The Bags, Consumers (who's All My Friends Are Dead, I posted a month ago), and The Germs, 45 Grave were ghoulish Hollywood band that flirted with Death Rock or for our UK counterparts, Goth. Alongside TSOL, who changed image as much as music, Christian Death, and The Super Heroines, 45 Grave were part of a little musical movement within hardcore in the Los Angeles area. Fronted by the ever impressive Dinah Cancer (Get it?), they were instantly popular and were a mainstay in the Hollywood rock scene up until around 85-87??? Hope you like this. I know I do.

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