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Saturday, March 14, 2009

THE Lazy Cowgirls-Somewhere Down The Line

Ok here is my final one for today. I know that Angry has some coming down the pipeline too. You know how work is, and this could be it for me this week. The Lazy Cowgirls....Yep THE FUCKIN LAZY COWGIRLS!!! I am not sure how many of you out there have heard of them, but they are a treasure that is missed. Mix The Saints, Heartbreakers, NY Dolls, with a little country twang ala Hank Williams and that is what you have. Damn they were good. I got to see them once and I was purely blown away. From the midwest and transplanted to the Los Angeles area around the mid 80's, these guys were the last great hope for awhile! Anyways, this is their second to last album??? A tad more subdued here, but all you have to do is hear Somwhere Down The Line or But It's Alright Now and you will want to smash up your house. My wife caught me doing just that and I got into trouble and had to leave for awhile. Ken is a bad boy, don't mix alcohol and sleeping pills. Give this a try, it is THAT good!


  1. Must say hats off to my partner... The Lazy Cowgirls are *ucking awesome!!!! I have lot's by them so please forward requests. Great post Kenny!!

  2. Thanks Angry! I have (I think) all of their stuff. Great band indeedy. Thinking about posting some Leaving Trains stuff next!