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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Breakouts In Vagueness Deals 7"

What we have here is the debut 7" from The Breakouts released in 1979. They were a SF area punk band that bridged the gap between the original SF punk scene and the burgeoning hardcore scene. Basically that is all that I know, besides that they played with my friends The Faction at some shows. They released one more single, then a cool 12" Ep in 1983. From that Ep the song Junkies would later be covered by GBH on their Punk Junkies album. That is how I found out about this awesome band. I will post there second single and their Ep after I get back from breakfast on the Santa Cruz wharf. The weather has been in the 70's and just amazing. Ahhhh California, ya gotta love it!!!!


  1. 70 degrees? You lucky sod! Don't choke on that breakfast will you!

    PS Cheers for this one Ken

  2. Yep the weather has been great. Two weeks of summer like weather. Sorry Longy!

  3. hey thanks i have been searching for both of thier 7" releases for quite some time now, i have posted the 12 " no more a while back on my blog @ anyways check it out when ya gots the time, CHEERS!

  4. PLZ re-post! thank you!