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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Negative Trend

Negative Trend. What can I say about Negative Trend. Future bassist for Flipper, Rik L Rik sang for them for a little while, performed in the short movie Loud Fast Rules which featured UXA, Avengers, Mutants too. Great snotty punk here for you listening pleasure. From San Francisco of course.


  1. I love the sound of this band, is really cool.
    ...and sure... from SAN FRANCISCO! LOL

  2. i have the music riot ep, with the same songs that are on the beach blvd comp, whats the story with that? sounds like different bands?!

  3. Anon, I can give you the answer! Rik L Rik who was the singer for F Word from LA sang on the Beach Blvd. The Ep that you are referring to has either Micheal Walters or Rozz singing. I almost 100% sure that it was Mr. Walters. F Word would play The Mab in SF quite a bit, and in fact recorded their one and only vynil offering which was live at The Mab. I am sure that friendships were made and when they need a singer Rik was more than happy to oblige. Hope that helps

  4. thanks for the info! that ep is 1 of my favs (Darker than bch blvd recordings). your work here is appreciated...Thanx

  5. Your welcome! I am glad you like the Blog. I have tons of stuff coming up that you might like!
    Maybe I will post the Pop Sessions cd Negative Trend put out a few years ago.