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Saturday, January 10, 2009


Ok I am a veteran Blog vistor to many great sites. I always will leave a comment if someone posts something that ruled my world. So if you come across something on this site that you have never heard before.....leave a fucking comment damnit. My wife thinks that I swear too much and she does not like me swearing on this thing. Fuck that.


  1. Ken, Angry - I've said this before and I'll say it again. Prostitute yourself out a bit. Go on all the blogs you like and leave a comment and ask to be put their bloglists (Leave the link obviously) Most will do so for you and more people will see you.

    PS And stop fucking swearing : - )

  2. Already put a link in my bloglist. People need to know your blog but they'll come to visit after a while.

  3. and Phoenix Hairpins is a great site. I visit it often over the past year. Thanks for the add.

    I know Longy, I have to whore myself out!

  4. this blog is so sweeeet, thanks for all the songs dude. espcially the chronic sick album, I'm obsessed with it