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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Los Olividados Listen To This

This is the bands cd not the one that Alternative Tentacles released. Let's get that straight right away beofre Jello comes at me. This is the mother of all San Jose punk bands bar none. They were amazing. With Mike Voss singing he could channel the best of Iggy or Stiv no doubt about it. This band should have been huge and I just cannot figure out why. They never released anything except appearing on a few comps. So here is the cd that the band pressed up for a reunion show in the late '90's


  1. Cheers matey. Came across your blog through PUNK FRICTION. Great post, nice to see something a bit different - kick-ass stuff too!


  2. Cheers Graham. Much appreciated!!

  3. This is great Ken. Nice one.

    Oh I stuck that Rezillos request in the comments for you yesterday. Didn't know if you saw it or not.

    Good to see you got the bloglist sussed. I suggest you prostitute yourself out a bit mate ie go to all the blogs you like and leave a message saying you've got a blog and ask them to stick you on their bloglists. Most of them will and more people will see your blog. Add them first of course!

  4. Este es el disco compilatorio del 2002 o me equivoco? pasa a ser el unico larga duracion (long play) de su discografia.
    Pues sea como sea, es todo un clasico, muy buen sonido y esa onda skater le da cierto toque.

  5. Nice blog Ken! Found it by searching for some old 7seconds info.

    I wish I found this earlier...haven't heard Los Olvidados in a long time! Do you have any other info on that disc?



  6. Some of these songs were from Thrasher Skate Comps. The rest was recorded for an intended album that my friend Jim Brick (who also lived down the street from Tim Tanooka or Ripper Fanzine fame) was going to put out as an album. Don't know what happened because the album never came out. These songs were just gathering dust and Los Olvidados thought it would be cool to press some up and have a reunion show. Alternative Tentacles re-pressed it a few years later. If you like Los Olvidados check out The Drunk Injuns which is the same band with a different singer

  7. duddee great blog!
    just too bad the link is dead :(