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Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Controllers Tooth & Nail Comp. Tracks

The Controllers were the first band to play the legendary Masque Club in downtown Hollywood in 1977. Started by Scottsman Brendan Mullen this club was what CB's or The Mab were to the Hollywood scene. A scene that would spawn bands like X, Fear, Dickies, The Germs, Go Go's, Middle Class, The Plugz etc. It would be a pivotal proving grounds for these bands to craft their craft. Pure friggen legend. The Tooth and Nail comp. besides having The Controllers, had The Middle Class, The Germs, and The Flesheaters and from SF, Negative Trend. Released on Upsetter Records by Flesheaters Chris D. this is a legendary comp. I just my file hosting over to Media Fire, so if something goes wrong let me now. I am an idiot.

On a side note, I met the drummer Mad Dog Carla at a show in Orange County around '97 or so. We were supporting The Crowd that night. Carla was/is a complete nutter and then some. Either that or something of the chemical variety was going on. Anyways she was alot of fun to hang out with, and totally blown away that I knew who she was.


  1. I nearly downloaded this Ken......then I realised I've already got it. Glad you have switched to Mediafire. No waiting time and quicker downloads. Good man!

  2. Thanks Longy. Yeah this comp. is pretty awesome. I should have put the whole thing up, but I wanted to highlite how great The Controllers were. Jezebel just plain rocks.