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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ruts DC Animal Now Lp

Well I am going to go down a different path here. For those that don't know, my favorite music is UK punk from '76-'85 or so. One band that is one of my favorite's of alltime are The Ruts. But you know, if you look at Blogs you see The Crack, and Grin and Bear It posted elsewhere. Well why waste your time with those albums when others have them out there. For those that don't know, Ruts DC started after the OD of Malcom Owen, the singer for The Ruts. The other three soldiered on and added the DC at the end. A new beginning? Yeah sort of. No other band could boast such fantastic musicians as The Ruts. They could go from reggae to punk to jazzy interludes better than anyone. The Clash? SLF? Nooooo way. As much as I love those two bands it is not possible. The only band that compares are The Bad Brains from the good ole USA, and that is high praise indeed. Well here it is plus some extra songs from singles and demos. If anyone wants, I can post their Rhythm Collision Dub or their Weak Heart single too.


  1. Just wandered into your site. Some excellent stuff. Always loved the Ruts. I've think I've still got everything they released except the first single.

    I've still got Animal Now on vinyl somewhere and I also downloaded it from another site a while back. But I could never find Rythm Collision anywhere and my vinyl version has been unplayable for years.

    If you could find the time to post it, I'd be forever in your debt.



  2. Thanks. I have this on record and used to play it to death, much more than the Ruts. Glad to be able to hear it again. Cheers.