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Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Dils-Les Dils Ep or sometimes called The Made In Canada Ep

The third and final Dils single here. Much slower in pace and actually in my opinion their best. You get a small prelude as to what Rank N File would be become. Rank N File is a personal fave of mine too but that is another band. Often called The American Clash, for good or bad that is what we have. Hell they even opened for The Clash at The Temple Beautiful or as the religious folks would remember, that is where Jim Jones had People's Temple and you all know what happened with that one......Anyways that venue was around for a small time and hosted some cool shows from what I heard. I was too young to go to those so that is what it is. From San Francisco via Carlsbad (near San Diego) comes The Dils!

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